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Vote Shop

The Vote Shop on Mighty Flyff is not located on the website, but rather ingame. Once you received your Vote Points, you can visit the NPC - located in Central Flarine - and purchase some stuff.

Items For Purchase

Item Use Price
Glowchange Potion Used to change your character's Glow 5 Vote Points
Scroll of Model Change Used to change the appearance of an item 5 Vote Points
Scroll of Title Used to set a custom title for your character 5 Vote Points
Scroll of Remove Title Used to remove your custom title 2 Vote Points
Scroll of Name Color Used to set a custom color for your character's name. (Only works with Premium Status) 5 Vote Points
Scroll of Guild Color Used to set a custom color for your guild's name 10 Vote Points
Weapon Glow Magic Used to change the glow of your weapon. Lasts 15 days. 10 Vote Points
Scroll of Shining Used to activate/deactivate a shining effect on your weapon. 1 Vote Points
Serverbuff Coupon Box Contains 5 Serverbuff Coupons which can be used for special server buffs. 3 Vote Points
Scroll of Accessory Awakening Used to awake your accessories 1 Vote Points
Tigar Pets Pick-Up Pets 10 Vote Points
Hatching Bundle Contains 5 Eggs & 5 Egg Hatchers 5 Vote Points
Pet Tonic (Weak) Increases Pet EXP by 25% for 1 hour 1 Vote Points
CS Fashion - 7 Vote Points
[Bundle] Scroll of Party Boost Contains 10 Scroll of Party Boost, which set your party to Lv40 with 1000 points 10 Vote Points
[Bundle] Amplification Box Contains 9 Scroll of Amplification ES (S) 1 Vote Points
[Bundle] Element Change Box Cointains 3 Scroll of Element Change 1 Vote Points
Power Up Bundle Contains 3x Upcut Stone, 3x Refresher Hold, 3x Vital Drink X, 3x Activition 1 Vote Points
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