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Roadmap Lvl 1-150

All ahead Im sorry for any wrong vocab, I'm not a Native Speaker :)

If you are reading this right now you are probably starting out playing this Server and wondering where to move, where to level up quickest and most importantly where to farm. All this and a lot of tips during your Journey on Mighty Flyff will be handled in this post.

Before we start lvling we should check on 2 major things: get your leech (rm or BP for buffs) and couple them for buffs later on in the game. Done? Then up you go during all the mobs in Flaris ending up with lvl 15-20 something like that. btw you should not go to monsters more than 6 lvls higher than yourself cause most of the time its not worth it and you lvl faster with faster killspeed.

After your first Jobchange you are ready to kill your way through Saint Morning (I recomend until lvl 37) and Coral Island (until lvl 65). You should then have 50 Mighty Chips in your Inventory. I recomend using the first ones on an Egg from the Pet Trainer in Flaris to get the opportunity to get a good power spike early on. On Coral Island there are Teleporters to ever Monster Type right at the port point so use them to safe time (thats the case on azria and Dark Traseia too) By then you proably noticed items dropped with stats and without stats. This is a unique feature on that Server (Random Stats).

In the early game phase you should just focus on getting your main dmg skill to lvl 3 which is Max through your equipment parts or runes. And if you are unlucky with your dream stats just go for maximum Deff which is a huge part of tankyness here.

After reaching lvl 65 you should move on to azria and stay there until lvl 107. (small hint here: lvling aoe (no matter what class you are playing) is always faster (if you dont have any good eq) than 1on1 until lvl 130! :) At this point you see what means lowrate :D and you probably thinking about swapping to Offi flyff cause its so much faster :KAPPA:. Its not! cause there are

3 different types of Amplifications on Mighty flyff:

1. 50% Amps (not stackable) for 2M Penya at the main NPC in flaris center

2. 100% Amps (not stackable) for 100 Mighty Chips at Mighty Shop Northern Flaris

3. 3x 50% ES Amps (stackable 3 times) for 1 Votepoint at Voteshop near Flaris Office

+ 25% exp potion for 100 mighty chips at Mighty Shop

+ Cheer

All that combined the Exp Rate is just fine to grind some Hours! :D

As soon as you have 250 Soul Shards in your inventory you just teleport to Flaris and talk to the monk guy called Asmodan (standing next to Tower Manger) in the northern part on Flaris to get your upgradable Haunted Cloak. You can upgrade them via Soul Challenge.

Moving on with 107 you again shall change your lvl map to Traseia and get ready for Hero (there is no Master System on Mighty flyff - so dont worry about Exp rates :D) As soon as you hit 121 you change to Dark Traseia to finally get your 3. Job with lvl 130! Good Job, hardest Part is over by now (in my oppinion).

If you want the real grind you can just go up to 150 on Dark Ratesia, but there are good other options worth considering to do before lvling further than 130. if you press R you can view every Dungeon you can run right now. you should at least get all the solo dungeons done whenever you can (most of them have daily entries) Maybe you will get really lucky and get your Bloody Ultimate Weapon with your dream stats there. ;)

Dungeons during the lvling Process

In the Wiki you can check out every dungeon Thread to get some informations on how much hp you need and how much HP the boss has. Just another small hint here: The Wilds and The Savage Wilds are very good for pet lvling. Your egg or Pet will get insane amounts of Exp with killing the bosses and totems. You have to be in Exp Range tho (in dungeons: +-10lvl).

Some Questions you might have:

Im strugling with aoe lvling - what can I do?

there are many low budged equipment upgrades which have a decent impact on your pulling.

- the first 3 Sockets on 1h weapons / 6 Sockets on 2h weapons are 100% upgrade so you wont even need gprotects to get them. this makes a diffence of at least 24 STA during Land B Cards

- the first Socket on your Suit is 100% – 4% HP or 4% Deff are worth alot :)

- the highest diffence will come with element upgrading on your Suit. You have a 100% chance to get your element until +14! After that you can even go for +20 with some sprotects cause its just still a high chance of success.

- get your RM to Heal you all the time with a ftool

Im lvl 150 now, what can I do?

Thats one of the most important questions cause you just have so many things to do. There are new dungeons, new maps and new equipment.

You should again go for all your solo dungeons Sanpres and Herneos to start farming 10% and S cards aswell as 135 epic equipment parts at Barga.

Get a Guildmate or a good friend and start farming Sanctuary and Cursed Aminus dungeons, its not that hard if you have 1 well geared or 2 normal geared Ringmasters and a Tank with about 100k HP (which is pretty easy to achieve) on your side. The first runs will be pretty slow tho but with every Ancient Weapon you drop its gonna get faster.

there are 2 more farming areas worth farming: Haunted Forest + Bahara desert

Haunted Forest

very good for farming Mighty Chips and defenitely your way to go if you wanna farm your Mighty Set and the Mighty Mask, which both give pretty nice boosts! :) Just a matter of time and endurance. Very good for farming cash and 120 Weapons too. The moons and suns droprate is higher on this map aswell.


Bahara Desert

I would not recomend farming there right after hitting 150 because the monsters are pretty strong at first and the drop chance of 150 equipments are pretty low and not worth a first focus.

If there are some questions left, just feel free to pm me in Discord or ingame


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