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 +====== Model Change ======
 +To perform a Model Change, you will first need to purchase a {{:​systems:​custom:​itm_syssysscrchanam.png|}} Scroll of Model Change from the [[NPC::​VoteShop|Vote]] or [[NPC::​DonateShop|Donate NPC]].
 +When double clicking the scroll, a new window will pop up.
 +On the left, put the item you **want to keep with the model**, on the right, put the item you **want to use the model of**.
 +//Items being consumed by putting them in the wrong slot will not be refunded.//
 +Every item can only be modelchanged onice. To remove the model from an already modelchanged,​ you will have to purchase a {{:​systems:​custom:​itm_syssysscritemmodelreturn-32.png|}} Scroll of Modelchange Reversion from the Fashion NPC.
 +You can also decide to purchase a {{:​systems:​custom:​itm_syssysscritemmodelreturn-32.png|}} Scroll of Modelchange Recovery, which will restore the original model item to your inventory, but is far more expensive.
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