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Dungeon Improvements

Dungeon Rewards

In almost every dungeon, there is a little window at the right of your game.

It tells you that certain Reward Levels are available. Every non boss kill in the dungeon increases the counter by 1. When reaching the current Reward Level's count, your unlocked reward will be shown in green.

When defeating the final boss of the instance, everyone that participated in the kill will be rewarded with those rewards. You can no longer get any additional rewards after the final boss has died. So clear everything before fighting him!

Dungeon Timeruns

A dungeon that has the timerun option enabled has an NPC near the entrance. When talking to him, he gives you the option to start a timerun that will give you an extra chest if you complete the dungeon in time.

If you don't manage to kill the final boss within the time limit, you will be teleported out of the dungeon and won't be able to kill the boss during that lockout.

Dungeon Entries & Cooldowns

You can track your dungeon cooldowns/entries by opening the Dungeon Cooldowns window (default Hotkey: R).

It will show you every dungeon that is in your level range or you have a cooldown for.

Speaking of cooldowns, not every dungeon has one. Some dungeons use the daily entries system, meaning you can enter a dungeon x times a day, even back to back runs are possible.

Other dungeons still work with the cooldown system, enabling players that have a lot of time on their hands to continously farm.

To view a dungeons cooldown/entries, please visit their corresponding page in the Dungeon List.

Dungeon Modes

There are 3 types of Dungeon Modes on Mighty Flyff.

  • Solo Dungeon
  • Party Dungeon
  • Guild Dungeon

A Solo Dungeon can only be entered by one player, but all players in the same party can enter their own version of the solo dungeon at once.

A Party Dungeon can be entered by everyone in the party.

A Guild Dungeon can be entered by everyone in the same guild, regardless of which party they are in.

In-Dungeos Ressurection

If you die in a dungeon, you will be ressurrected at the entrance rather than in a town. No more wasted cooldowns/entries if you die.

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