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There are new diamonds on Mighty Flyff, which are not used for upgrading a weapon to ultimate for solely for setting into ultimate piercings slots.

The following diamonds are currently available:

  • Weak Diamond of STR (STR +15)
  • Strong Diamond of STR (STR +25)
  • Weak Diamond of STA (STA +15)
  • Strong Diamond of STA (STA +25)
  • Weak Diamond of DEX (DEX +15)
  • Strong Diamond of DEX (DEX +25)
  • Weak Diamond of INT (INT +15)
  • Strong Diamond of INT (INT +25)
  • Weak Diamond of PVP-Damage (PVP Damage +4%)
  • Strong Diamond of PVP-Damage (PVP Damage +7%)

Diamonds may be obtained from the following sources:

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