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Server Buffs

Server Buffs are a useful tool to get a bit stronger or provide different bonuses for everyone.

You can access the server buff menu via Start > Features > Server Buffs.

Here's a list of all currently available server buffs.

Icon Name Price Effect
Ancient Power 500 Mighty Chips ATK +5%
Divine Fortitude 500 Mighty Chips HP +5%
Forbidden Knowledge 750 Mighty Chips EXP +15%
Survivor's Cunning 500 Mighty Chips All Stats +10
Golden Amplifier 5 Coupons Penya Drop +10%
Blessing of Luck 5 Coupons Drop Rate +10%
Quick Learning 5 Coupons Talent Points +10%
GM Event Only
Pet Training Lesson Pet Exp +30%
Lucky Learning Chance to get TP +10%

Every time you activate a server buff, you will be granted 2 things:

The Gratitude Buff, giving you some extra ATK and EXP and a Server Buff Coupon, which is used to activate the more powerful server buffs.

You can also acquire these Coupons by Voting.

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