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Custom Options

We care about your optimal gameplay experience on Mighty Flyff. Therefore, we have and will implement more and more custom options so you can play the way exactly how you want to.

Show/Hide Title

When having a Custom Title, you can enable/disable it at any time you want!

Show/Hide Mob Level

When you enable this option, the monster's level will be shown next to its name rather than above his health bar all the way at the top.
Instead, the health bar will now tell you if you will get EXP or loot from the selected monster.

Hide Pets / Disable Pet Targeting

You can either choose to make all pets non-clickable or hide them completely. Optimal for cluttered areas or in PVP.

Show/Hide [VIP] Tag

If you are a Premium Member, you can decide if you want to show it to everyone or not.

Play Food Sounds / Flying Music

You enjoy playing with sound but don't like certain sounds or the flying music? No problem, just turn them off.

Day & Night System

Just like in real life, it gets a bit darker at night (Madrigal time, not server time related)

EXP Stop

You can either toggle it here or by typing /expstop.

Show/Hide Healing

Just like the general Show Damage option, you can also decide to display any healing going on. (Disabled in PVP by default)

Show/Hide NPC Chat

Annoyed by those chat bubbles? Just disable them! Player chat bubbles will continue to be shown.

When using the Item Link System, you will instantly send the message when linking an item, rather than having to press Enter again.

Detailed Buff Duration

A new form of display your buff duration in contrast to the original flyff version which can be hard to read.

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