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Party Improvements

Party Skill Duration

Every party skill now lasts 15 minutes per use.

Link attack gives you 1% PVE Damage per party member, instead of 20% increased damage like official Flyff.
So even if you just want your own party with 2 or 3 characters, you don't lose a lot.

Party Finder

You can see which parties are active and looking for members by opening the Party Finder (Default Hotkey: CTRL+P). \\You can also see which scrolls/skill are active and who is in the selected party.

Don't want a public party? Just open your party window (Default Hotkey: P) and uncheck “Allow Join”.

Party Leader Switch

If the party leader changes or goes offline, the party skills will no longer expire. The range still depends on if the new leader also has an active red scroll.

Member Location

You can always see who's where in the world and even in dungeons. Just open the party window and find out.

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